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Wellness & Fitness


Feel good in your skin! Wellness is a philosophy of life, which teaches us how to pay attention to our body and soul.

Sauna 1000  - HUF/person/hour
The sauna were seen as a major source of energy and health. Its impact on health is indisputable : improves the skin condition and its elasticity. Increase the upper epidermis cleaning. The sebaceous glands are emptied, while extremely conducive helps to the improvement of the resistance.

Whirlpool 800 - HUF/person/30minutes
Enjoy a refreshing relaxing hot tub experience offered by our hotel. The hot tub activity has a impresson to the stress, mitigates the back pain, regenerates the muscles, stimulates the blood circulation.

Salt room - free
Salt therapy consists of sitting in a room coated with salt crystals and pumped full of salt-laden air. The experience is designed to approximate that in the naturally occurring salt caves in Eastern Europe, which improve symptoms of allergy, asthma and skin conditions.
“The whole microclimate with the right air quality, humidity and salt particles is effective for cleansing the respiratory tract, the skin and the body as a whole,” Ron Rofé, owner of Halo Air/Salt Rooms in New York City

Gym - free
Our fitness room is available for any time ( wall bars, bike, stepper, treadmill, table tennis)